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CEU-24 Posture Qigong Form

3 credits

$475 Enroll

Full course description

This course introduces participants to the Wu Yi Jie He 24-Posture Qigong Form. Topics include demonstration, performance feedback and energetic and physical analysis of Qigong exercise postures. Once each posture is learned, participants submit demonstration of performance mastery for instructor feedback and evaluation via digital media. Selected short Qigong forms and techniques such as body massage are also included. Students are challenged to practice the 24-Posture form for 8 weeks to master sequencing of exercise and to experience practice benefits.   The course is requisite within an online 4-course series leading to Health and Wellness Qigong Instructor certification. Recommended time to complete is 8 weeks. (30 hrs of instruction plus forms practice; prerequisites: none) 

If you want more information on the course, please contact Joseph Baumgarden (