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CEU Qi Time at School

1.5 credits

$215 Enroll

Full course description

This online continuing education course provides information and practical skills for integrating Tai chi/Qigong practice into the school and home settings. The primary intended audience is school-based teachers but the instruction also has applications for parents and guardians who wish to practice these exercises with their children at home, rehabilitation specialists who wish to integrate tai chi/Qigong practice into their therapy sessions, and experienced Tai chi/Qigong instructors who wish to act as Tai chi/Qigong consultants within school systems. Estimated learning time is 15 hrs (not including practice time), equivalent to 1.5 CEU's.

Tai chi/Qigong is ancient Eastern meditative exercise practiced for health, healing and longevity. Research on Tai chi/Qigong practice in children has shown benefits in  focus, learning achievement, empathy, posture, self-esteem, behavior, management of stress and anxiety and self-regulation in both clinical and general populations.

Course concepts and topics include Tai chi/Qigong as meditative movement, evidence base and applied research supporting integration of Tai chi/Qigong practice to promote healthful growth and development, brain activation, focus, and stress management.

Practical skills include demonstration of short, mini Tai chi/Qigong routines to be used as meditative exercise breaks as well as demonstration of a longer,  comprehensive  24-Posture Qigong routine. This later routine serves to promote healthful body maintenance and boosting of the immune system.

If you want more information on the course, please contact Joseph Baumgarden (