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CEU Tai chi/Qigong Theory and Meditation

1.5 credits

$250 Enroll

Full course description

This online course provides an introduction to the ancient Eastern art of Tai chi/Qigong. Tai chi/Qigong is a health-promoting, mind/body modality practiced within traditional Chinese medicine. It involves adjustment of mind, body and breath through mindful exercise and meditation.  Qigong is considered the grandmother of Tai Chi. In traditional Western medicine, Tai chi/Qigong is categorized as an adjunctive or complementary therapy. The course discusses the definition, history, and philosophical foundations of Eastern Energy theory. It also provides definition and practice of meditation. Within the course, students are challenged to complete 8 weeks of consecutive days of meditation practice to develop skill and to experience the benefits of meditation practice. While this course may be most useful for practical application for those in health care, it has direct benefit for all who seek personal maintenance of health, wellness and longevity through practice of Qigong. Evaluation is by objective online testing and submission of a synopsis of a Meditation learning log. The course is requisite within an online 3-course series leading to Health and Wellness Qigong Instructor certification. Recommended time to complete the course is 5 weeks. (15 hrs of instruction plus meditation practice; prerequisites: none)

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